Commercial Construction

 In 2008, BCPeabody secured its own bonding capability and  began to deliver construction projects as well as design build services for  total project delivery.  We  can handle any size project; we have bonded jobs as large as $10M.  We provide construction services to clients in all markets  including government and commercial industries, with a strong emphasis on the  healthcare industry.  A hallmark of our  firm is our ability to deliver responsive and resourceful solutions for our  clients. We have an extremely talented staff and partner with a large stable of subcontractors and other  industry professionals who share our values.           At BCPeabody, we bring large firm capability with small firm  flexibility to our projects.  With our  extraordinary depth of talent, creativity and technical skills, we function  like a full-service architecture, engineering, and construction management  firm.  As you peruse through the numerous  types of projects we have been privileged to complete, please consider the  advantages of using a company as powerful as the big expensive companies in  ability, yet small enough to provide custom personal attention.            We can handle any size project, as we have bonded jobs as  large as $10M.  Our specialized expertise  in so many different areas, allows us to offer amazing capability at a  great value.  BCPeabody epitomizes the definition of “best  value.”  We place particular emphasis on  professionalism throughout each of our projects and embrace a partnering  mentality.  Attention  to detail and a  disciplined approach to schedule and budget has solidified our position as an  industry leader.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Commercial Services                                                                                                                                                       **Design/Build and Certified Project Management                                                                                          **Renovations, Additions and Tenant Remodeling                                                                                              **Environmental Subcontractor                                                                                                                                         **Plumbing and Electrical Subcontracting                                                                                                                                 **Heavy Horizontal and Vertical Construction



At BCPeabody a large number of our employees have spent most of their professional lives in Federal Agencies establishing their reputations.  Whether supporting ongoing capital programs or single management-intensive projects, we match our capabilities to the task at hand. BCPeabody’s cost-effective services range from preconstruction planning and design through management and construction – everything a busy government agency requires of a contractor to take a project from concept to ribbon cutting.  We bring invaluable hands-on experience to the task of completing projects in a productive, cost-efficient manner. Do you have a particular project that has been in the works for years but you just can’t find someone who can figure out how to get it done - you're reading their website right now!  Give us a call.  Let us provide you with an example of our work.  We resolved a 16 year problem for Hernando County, Florida by solving the turbidity issue on their dredge project in an environmentally friendly, cost effective way; and then completed the dredging on time in a substantially truncated timeframe. We have completed Corps of Engineer work for the Florida Inland Navigation District as well as numerous projects for the Veteran’s Administration.  In our role as owner's advocate/representative, we are uniquely qualified to assist by providing design, engineering and construction management services.  BCPeabody delivers a unique combination of professional expertise to clients, a combination far beyond what a normal small business can produce. The superior quality of our design and construction management services has been recognized by our clients.  They have learned that we are able to achieve considerable cost and time savings through effective communications, scheduling and involved management. Our Design Build team can take your concept all the way through to the final completed project.  Our high standards and commitment to excellence plus our ability to provide design plus construction services in-house, enables us to expeditiously execute projects in a far superior manner than our competitors, which increases productivity and the ability to build your project on time and within budget.



BCPeabody is one of the most capable Service Disabled Owned  Small Business company’s in the Southeast.   A Certified Veteran Enterprise, BCPeabody focuses on delivering superior  healthcare projects for all types of healthcare facilities, including but not limited  to community and acute care hospitals, specialty hospitals , medical centers,  outpatient ambulatory care clinics and medical office buildings.  We have been a prime contractor on numerous  healthcare projects and have partnered with some of the country’s largest firms  on specific healthcare projects in our region; we bring large firm capability  to any large firm’s small business plan.   BCPeabody has successfully completed a number of projects at Department  of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers across the state of Florida. 

For almost a decade, BCPeabody has been refining and  improving its internal systems, methods and procedures to efficiently control  time, cost and quality. The result is that BCPeabody can provide better quality  than its competitors, while still providing a fair value to the client.  In fact, healthcare is the most important  sector in the company's long-term plans for its commercial construction  division. 

James A Haley VA Hospital Main Lobby Renovation

James A Haley VA Hospital Main Lobby Renovation



Your company’s office  space says as much about your company as any advertising you may do.  Has your office kept up with your company’s  growth? Do you have the space to take advantage of the economic upturn?  At BCPeabody, we can give your company’s  office space the makeover you know you need, set you up to be more efficient  for today and positioned for the opportunities of tomorrow.  We offer build out and remodeling services  for new or existing commercial spaces such as hotels, apartment complexes and  more. Gained through countless projects, our reputation for expert  craftsmanship, top quality products, on time and reliable installation is  exactly what you need to get your project done right. 

As a full-service,  licensed general contractor, the team at BCPeabody manages every facet of your  project.  We understand the sooner you  can move in, the sooner you can start making money.  We deliver a professionally managed and  aggressively executed remodeling project with minimal disruption to your  workflow; all without compromising attention to detail and quality. 

We will work with to you  develop a schedule that suits your organization’s business.  We thrive on meeting the special challenges  of commercial construction.  Tight  schedules, tight spaces, demanding neighboring businesses that have to still  conduct business all  require unique  solutions, our team of problems solvers is second to none and will amaze you in  how seamlessly we manage around these potential impediments.  Successfully completing a commercial  renovation project requires expertise and experience, a team approach, involved  leadership and excellent communication skills; plus adequate resources to  overcome unforeseen challenges, a description of our company!  We don’t have to wait on the plumbers and  electrical subcontractors to show up, we have them on staff.  We will do whatever it takes to accomplish  your project as promised, we do what we say we will do.

Our customized  solutions and expertise make it possible for us to remodel just about any  business setting to make the most efficient use of your floor space; all for  the absolute best value. So whether you’re a facilities manager of an apartment  complex, general manager of a hotel, head administrator of a hospital, owner of  a restaurant or office space, if you are looking to update your business  environment, give us a call today, our professional commercial remodeling team  is ready to assist you. 

Services include:

**Commercial Build Outs/Build to Suit/Finish Outs

**Tenant Construction/Improvements

**Commericial/Retail/Office Space Remodeling

**Apartment/Rental Property Remodel

**Flooring,Cabinets and Painting

**Commercial Repairs and Maintenance


Other Construction management services

Additional Information

BCPeabody is far more than just a  construction company.  While building is  our passion, there are numerous other services we provide that can make your  construction experience smooth and profitable.   Our clients have found that purchasing our services provides them with  distinct advantages and adds to their bottom line.  When you are going to do a bonded job with  the Government, why not make sure you have the expertise to maximize your  profits?  We have subject matter experts  and industry leaders in the following areas: 

 ** Identify Contract Opportunities   

  ** Bid Preparation      

 ** Small Business Subcontracting Plans      

 ** Quality Control Program       


** Safety Program Planning      

** Site Layout       

** Federal Liaison     

 ** Federal Contract Compliance        

** Equitable Adjustments      

 **Claims Management      

** Claim Preparation      

** Expert Witness