Our founder and President has been a strong supporter of sustainable growth; being good stewards of our environment is one of our foundational imperatives.  At BCPeabody, we believe behaving responsibly, using our talents creatively and emphasizing environmentally sound construction practices is crucial to accomplishing our mission to maximize profits for our clients.  We understand the impact that our company has upon our planet and are determined to leave it better for future generations.  BCPeabody provides complete environmental services from field work to permit issuance.  We have worked for some of the State’s largest developers and builders as well as government entities.  By providing unmatched expertise in land development and Federal permitting we will help you develop a project that meets your vision and the needs of the environment. BCPeabody does it right the first time; crafting a winning solution at the beginning of the process, not after years of trial and error.  We help you avoid repeated requests for additional information by providing complete permit applications. We will work closely with you and/or your consultants, as well regulators to ensure that your permit application is thorough, accurate, and answers the questions that we know will be asked - before they are asked. BCPeabody is a firm of world-class problem solvers; we know the science, policies, the law, and the people required to achieve results. We measure success the same way our clients do; not by effort expended, or hours worked, but by the successful and timely approval of our client’s permit.  With BCPeabody’s involvement, success comes sooner, with more certainty and with far fewer hassles.  


Environmental Compliance

After years of experience working in  the Federal System, BCPeabody was founded to help firms struggling to navigate  the Federal Systems.  Established in 2006  as a three person company offering specialized advice and assistance, our  successes and plain old fashioned hard work have allowed us to strategically  grow and expand our services and expertise.   BCPeabody now provides complete environmental services from field work  to permit issuance.  We have worked for  some of the State's largest developers and builders as well as government  entities.    

If you already have a permit and the  Agencies are doing “enforcement action” against you and you just want to be  certain they don’t have the opportunity, give us a call we can help. 

Based in Florida where the entire  economy hinges on weather and the environment, having a vision for future  growth is essential.  BCPeabody has taken  a leadership approach to that growth through sustainable construction  practices.  We did not stop there  however.  The Governor of Florida  selected our President and CEO, Bob Carpenter, to serve on the Century  Commission for a Sustainable Florida.    Bob was one of only twelve businessmen in the entire State appointed to  sit on the Commission!  The Century  Commission, working with cabinet officials, was tasked with laying out a  strategic plan for the next 50 years for Florida and provided several reports  to the Legislature.  These reports helped  guide the Legislature to a better understanding of the second and third order  effect of current legislative actions on Florida.  Mr. Carpenter was a vocal champion of  sustainable growth and environmental balance on the commission. 

BCPeabody understands that  environmental sustainability is always a consideration in construction.   Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) has become the green  standard in building design and construction.   Mr. Carpenter is a certified LEED Accredited Professional.   He has the experience of managing, designing  and building LEED certified projects.  We take this program seriously and  are constantly looking for ways to improve our world with sustainable building  practices. 


Governmental Compliance

BCPeabody has the knowledge to gain the permits and  entitlements you need.   Dealing with the  Government entitlement process can be one of the most exasperating experiences  of a lifetime, the process has never been known for speed.  BCPeabody can  help ease your frustration.  Here is why; at one point in his military  career, our CEO Bob Carpenter was the instructor for environmental regulatory  training for all new District Commanders in the Corps of Engineers.  In  his final assignment he oversaw and ruled on more permit actions than anyone in  the country. We know the system – inside  and out - many of us have been the decision makers and leaders in the field.  With BCPeabody, we can give you the solution at the beginning of the process,  not after years of trial and error like other consultants.  Our  involvement provides value added in doing things right the first time, with a  watchful eye on schedule and budget, BCPeabody can bring your successful future  into reality.                        

 Mr.  Carpenter complemented this knowledge with other regulatory experts from the  Corps of Engineers and Florida Department of Environmental Protection to provide  unparalleled services.  Our clients have found there is a major advantage  to having a BCPeabody team member on their side.  Our knowledge of the  internal regulatory rules and regulations often makes the difference between  issuance and denial.   Let  me tell you about one of our successes.  I  imagine you were expecting a story in Florida but no, this victory occurred  north of the Mason Dixon line.  Our expertise is not limited to  Florida.  The Borough of Carteret, NJ utilized our services as they wanted  to construct a public marina with direct access through a shipping channel to  the Atlantic Ocean.   The New York District denied the permit and the  Borough called us.  We immediately sprang to action and appealed the  decision.  The Regional Commander agreed with our appeal and told the  District to rework the permit application.  Working closely with District  personnel, BCPeabody was able to successfully address the numerous agency and  public concerns with the project. The District ultimately reversed their original  position and made a favorable decision as well as reducing the mitigation cost  significantly in the process.  The Borough is going to get their new  marina!  Our firm knows the science,  policies, and the law.  We can help you  develop a project that meets your vision along with the needs of the  environment correctly the first time.   Your project will get entitled sooner, with fewer hassles; we have the  experience to make it happen!           We can do it for you too - give us a call and  let’s talk.